Pacific Construction Services, Inc.


Chicago White Sox Ravenswood Terrace Chicago White Sox City Hall Building

WFLD-FOX John Handcock Center

Chicago White Sox Hydrotherapy Room, Chicago, IL

City Hall Building,
Chicago, IL

  $1.3 Million
$2.5 Million
This project entailed the demolition of an interior space on the 97th floor. Work included abatement of asbestos, demolition of the glycol cooling system, demolition of all old transmission equipment, removal of automatic transfer switches on the 98th floor, and the replacement of louvers with new glass on the perimeter exterior walls. Renovation of White Sox teams Hydrotherapy Room which prior to construction had two pools, after the renovation, three new pools were installed along with a brand new bathroom/changing rooms and an addition to the existing mechanical room. Through a JOC (Job order contacting) contract with City of Chicago Department of General Services, PCS completed several interiors renovation projects including 8th and 10th floor "build-out" projects. These projects were unique in that many of the City trades were assigned to PCS for coordination and supervision.

33 W. Monroe Lobby Pacific Construction Services Adler Planetarium Ounce of Prevention

Pacific Construction Services Inc.,
Chicago, IL

Adler Planetarium,
Chicago, IL

Ounce of Prevention,
Chicago, IL

$1.2 Million
22,000 sq ft
5,000 sq ft
$1.2 Million
22,000 sq ft
Interior build-out of space for new tenant including office space, conference rooms and employee dining facility. Theater renovations including technical systems: electrical, lighting, sound and digital support. Interior build-out of space for new tenant including office space, conference rooms and employee dining facility.

Ounce of Prevention 33 W. Monroe Lobby and Corridors Museume of Contemporary Art ABN-AMRO LaSalle Bank

33 W. Monroe Lobby, Chicago, IL

Museum of
Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

ABN-AMRO LaSalle Bank, Chicago, IL

$1.1 Million
25,000 sq ft
$78,000 $2.2 Million
35,000 sq ft
Lobby renovation including the installation of glass light walls, retail space, a water feature pool, lighting retrofit and the reconfiguration of the lobby security desk and pedestrian flow. Renovations to museum gift shop, including new track lighting on first and second stories, new lighting for display cabinets, enchancements to the entryway and painting. Office demolition and renovation to the 22nd and 23rd floors. Work included extensive repair to fire damaged areas.