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Clark House Adler Planetarium Clark House Ping Tom Park

Alder Planetarium Lobby, Chicago, IL

City of Chicago Clark House, Chicago, IL

Ping Tom Park,
Chicago, IL

$500,000 $885,000 $1.9 Million
Interior renovation project that restored the Planetarium's lobby to it's original 1930 appearance. Project included the installation of a new ticketing desk, historical lighting, acoustical treatments as well as the installation of a new bronze statue exhibit of the astronaut Captain James Lovell. A complete exterior renovation of the Clark House, the oldest house in Chicago. The siding, trim, landscape and two porticos were carefully restored using tedious construction methods. Extra steps were taken during each phase of the project to preserve the integrity of this historical building. Ping Tom Memorial Park named after Chinatown's most noted civic leader, Ping Tom. He formed the Chinese American Development Corporation in 1984 and his firm transformed a 32 acre railyard site into Chinatown Square, a $100 million residential and commercial expansion. Renovation, which included remediation of contaminated soil, a baseball diamond, backstops, irrigation system, a drinking fountain and perimeter fencing.

Ping Tom Park Humboldt Park Boat    

Humboldt Park Boat, House, Chicago, IL



$3.5 Million    
Complete restoration to the Chicago Park District's 15,000 square foot Humboldt Park Boat House. The boat house is the only building that the Chicago Park District owns that is under landmark registry.The project included complete restoration to the interior and exterior.