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Child Development Center Honor Guard Roof Building 386 Homewood Army Reserve Forth Sheridan ARC

Honor Guard Roof Building 386, Belleville, IL

Homewood Army Reserve Center, Homewood, IL

MCRC Rock Island, Rock Island Arsenal, IL

This project is a complete reroof and installation of a new fall protection system of the Honor Guard Building at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville IL. Project activities include removal of the existing roofing system, installation of a new EPDM roofing system, and installation of a new fall protection system. This project for the United States Army Corp of Engineers includes the compete interior demolition and remodel of an existing reserve center and a 20,000 square foot new building to be attached to the existing structure. The work involves demolition, renovation and new construction for miscellaneous modernization improvements to the site, interior, and exterior of the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) / Marine Corps Reserve Center (MCRC) buildings at Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, IL.

U.S. Army Reserve Security Forces Operation Facility Child Development Center Marine Corps Reserve Center

Security Forces Operations Facility,
Scott Air Force Base, IL

Child Development Center, Scott Air Force Base, IL

Marine Corps Reserve Center, Chicago, IL

$12.2 Million $7.2 Million $1.9 Million
Design/Build consisting of 34,619 sq. ft. of space. The building includes administrative areas, training and classroom areas, conference rooms, ballistic proof control center, alarm room, long term detention and interview rooms serving both Active and National Guard security operations. Design/Build consisting of 23,594 sq. ft. of space. The building includes playroom and classroom areas for infants thru pre-school children, administrative areas, laundry and kitchen, plus common areas including a break room. Renovation of major fire protection upgrades, exterior and interior electrical work, security surveillance with fencing & gate modifications, HVAC/plumbing, asphalt & concrete paving, and site storm drainage.

Atlantic Fleet Drill Hall U.S. Army Reserve Center Security Forces Facility Building 1425

U.S. Army Reserve Center, Neenah, WI

Rock Island National Cemetery - Veteran Affairs, Rock Island, IL

Building 1425 - Replace Chiller System, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

$9.1 Million $10.1 million $276,480
Construction of new 40,065 sq. ft. Army Reserve Center (ARC), a 5,678 sq. ft. Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS) and a 1,788 sq. ft. Unheated Storage Building (UHS). New Burial Area expansion on 23-acres, includes grave sites in pre-placed crypts, columbaria niches, new committal shelter, public restrooms,and water distribution system. Replace chiller system for the Combat Training Pool.

Building 441 Building 441 Atlantic Fleet Drill Hall Ray Street Repairs

Building 441 - Repair Gym Floor, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

Atlantic Fleet Drill Hall, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

Ray Street Repairs, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

$255,000 $13.4 Million $223,000
Remove and replace damaged areas of gym floor. Removed manually operated bleacher bank and replace with eight section integral electrically power bleacher bank. Design, build & maintenance of a 60,000 sq. ft. drill hall facilities including administrative offices, recruit drill hall area, and classrooms; building equipment & furnishings; site utilities; security system, and landscaping. Repaired north end of Ray Street. Replaced existing pavement, curb & gutter, and concrete sidewalk. Removed deteriorated concrete slab under old pavement, repaired inlet/storm utility & soil stabilization.

Farragut Bridge SDDC Facility Building 200H Building 2016

SDDC Facility, Scott Air Force Base, IL

Building 200H - Replace Elevator Controls, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

Building 2016 - Install HVAC, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

$12.7 Million $2.3 Million $530,000
Design/Build 75,000 sq. ft. modular temporary facility including all utility infrastructure, modular building shell & interior finishes, roofing, MEP, classified & unclassified communications, access & intrusion detection systems. Replacement of elevator controls & CAB for West & East Bank elevators of the Naval Hospital. Completed this project 3-months ahead of schedule. .Design and construction of a new HVAC system for 1st floor of Bldg. 2016.

Farragut Bridge Memorial Kiosk

Memorial Kiosk, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

Farragut Bridge, Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

$577,512 $3.6 Million
New construction of the north and south memorial plaza, including new parking, handicapped ramps, landscaping, plaza paving, large brick pier monument signs and lighting. Demolition of existing steel frame bridge and replaced it with a new structurally sound bridge supported on pile driven shafts.