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As a general contractor for decades, PCS has built and delivered everything from million-square-foot buildings for the federal government to nuclear laboratories and from Asian groceries stores to luxury apartments. Lasting value is built on decades of experience, rigorous analysis and all-in accountability. We think strategically and sweat the details.


Glenview, IL

JB Plaza

Developer Services

From urban blight to modern community hub

Other than a thriving bat colony, JB Plaza had sat vacant for 10 years ago as a failed mixed-use project. Community activists advocated with the Village to condemn and tear down the four-building complex. PCS was hired days before the demolition hearing to save the property. While the existing structures had value, the plan required a from-scratch do over to be relevant in today’s world. The original architect and general contractor were evaluated and dismissed. A new mixed-use concept was developed centered around a grocery anchor. To forestall building tear down, PCS completed concept drawings, recruited the country’s leading grocery architects and proposed an innovative design/build phasing process. To maintain community support, we started building while the design process was being completed–an approach with risks. Throughout the development process we worked closely with the Village to keep excellent communication. Construction and design teams worked tightly partnered rather than the conventional finger pointing approach. Ultimately, PCS’ phasing compressed more than 10 months from the schedule, appeased the Village and transformed urban blight visably.

Grocery architects Camburas & Theodore, Ltd. reluctantly took on the assignment to turn a highly-visible eye sore into a much-needed modern Asian market. PCS partnered closely with Camburas & Theodore to carefully balance form against function. We began by rethinking the store flow and worked closely with ownership to maximize the efficiency of the store design. PCS constantly challenged conventional one-level design thinking to adapt to our project’s challenges–subterranean parking, mezzanine food hall and poor road design.

Phase 1 The building shell had no loading docks and unfinished precast panels. We performed a thorough analysis of all underground piping to ensure it was installed correctly. We removed more than 90% of the storm drain and supply line and reinstalled correctly. The building was open to the elements for a decade and the basement became home to a large and active bat colony. PCS located and hired a special animal consultant to relocate the colony and secured the basement to prevent future migrations. We expedited all utility work and coordinated with the Illinois Department of Transportation to reconfigure the driving lanes to provide proper entrance and egress to the shopping center.

Phase 2 and 3 PCS next turned to the interior and began construction on the produce area while completing the design of the mezzanine food court. Imported Asian dumpling cookers required special design as they are much larger than the US versions. We worked closely with the cooking team to provide safe and code compliant access to the massive cooking pots–the first of its kind. The space required a security room with store visibility and elevators to access the food court. We worked with leading vendors from around the world to procure the lighting, flooring, and kitchen equipment. Phase 4 The supporting retail spaces are located in two out buildings. Work commenced on the tenant shell spaces after the market opened to give the grocery retail time to stabilize operations before starting the final phases. All white boxes have been completed and tenants are currently in the process of completing their spaces

Today, JB Plaza is a highlight of the village and thriving home of Joong Boo Market, a 90,000 SQFT Asian market surrounded by 30,000 square feet of adjacent specialty retail.