Pacific Construction Services, Inc.

Construction Services

Project Coordination

Project coordinationCareful coordination between all parties involved is essential to the success of a project. Planned meetings with the owner, architect and contractor are scheduled to review the status of the project and minimize potential challenges. PCS also conducts subcontractor meetings to ensure that all members of the project team are aware of the project’s progress. Additionally, project information reports, documentation control, safety inspections, maintenance of purchasing schedule and field supervision all aid in successful project coordination.


Pacific maintains a holistic approach to scheduling, beginning with one master schedule with input from all project stake holders, including the owner, design professionals and trade contractors. Once the scope of the project is fully realized, the detailed project schedule is established. As each project is a “hybrid” with its own specific requirements, the scheduling parameters need to be identified, the level of scheduling detail prioritized and a specification developed for incorporation in the project plan. This plan addresses scheduling requirements, review processes, revisions to the baseline schedule, schedule monitoring, incorporation of change orders and time impacts. Through comprehensive schedule development, complete with continuous monitoring, the project schedule will reflect the overall approach of construction to meet the contractual completion date.

Cost Control

Our approach to cost control services is broken down into a four step process. First, Pacific gets involved in the design phase in order to guide decisions that meet budgetary constraints. Second, our team prices the design and confirms hard numbers. Third, Pacific evaluates the cost worth of the design and determines whether the initial design components are worth the cost. If there are items that are not returning enough value for the client, Pacific goes back to evaluate and propose alternatives. Finally, alternatives are priced and approvals are sought. An integrated cost management system “Prolog” is used to effectively manage project costs. PCS’ management team will generate cost reports that not only track committed costs to date, but will also identify potential costs so that the project team can proactively manage costs.

Quality Control (QC)

Quality Control (QC)PCS’ philosophy of quality control is a mind set instilled in our professional staff on and off the project sites. But we also recognize that in order to carry out complex construction projects, a competent QC manager must develop a written plan for each project tailored for its own unique challenges and requirements. PCS has adopted a proven Quality Control System commonly referred to as “Three Phase Quality Control” that has been used by the U.S. Department of Defense contracting agencies for many years. Using this plan, PCS has delivered projects with the highest quality our clients demand and deserve on a consistent basis. PCS project team will ensure that three phases of control cover each definable feature of work throughout the entire duration of the project. Three phases of control are preparatory, commissioning, certifications and rework lists required for each definable feature of work will be generated and updated for weekly quality control meetings.