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Active Projects

Fort Sheridan ARC | Chicago, IL

Project Manager: Christopher Powell
Fort Sheridan ARC

The project consists of the construction of three new buildings with site improvements including parking lots, bio retention swales, landscaping, fencing and the demolition of two building. New telephone and data service will be provided to all the buildings currently on the Fort Sheridan base.  The Army Training center is an 80,000 square foot two level building. The structure has concrete footings with reinforced insulated concrete form walls and a masonry veneer system. The exterior will mirror the image of existing building 701. The structure will have steel columns, beams and joists with metal deck and concrete slabs. The roofing will be a thermoplastic membrane roofing system with flashing and sheet metal. The windows will be aluminum and the exterior doors will be hollow metal. The interior partitions will be metal framing with drywall and will include metal door frames and wood doors.  Acoustical, wood and drywall will be used for the ceilings. Floor finishes include ceramic tile, resilient flooring, carpet and resilient athletic flooring. The training center will have a gearless elevator and fire suppression, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning and electrical systems that will all be LEED certified.  A new telephone and data service will be installed to all the existing base building and a new demark room will be established in the new training center. The new system will include excavation, piping, wire, concrete encasement and access points required for a complete new system and the removal of the existing system.

Building 400 Food Court Addition | Chicago, IL

Project Manager: Alan Sheehan
Building 400 Food Court Addition

This project consists of a phased complete remodel and 4,500 SF addition to the existing food court building at Naval Station Great Lakes. Renovation activities include selective demolition, MEP upgrades and new interior finishes. The new addition is of masonry construction with structural steel joists and a new roofing system. Also, there is extensive coordination with the vendors moving into the newly constructed spaces.

Building 44 Chiller Repairs | Belleville, IL

Project Manager: Neil Francis
 Building 44 Chiller Repairs

This project consists of a complete mechanical renovation of the main chiller plant at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville IL. Project activities include the installation of two new chillers and three new cooling towers along with extensive piping and electrical upgrades. Also, chilled water pumps and piping were replaced in six additional buildings connected to the main chiller plant.

BLDG 6 Federal Health Care Center Renovation | Chicago, IL

Project Manager: Chris Wales
 BLDG 6 Federal Health Care Center Renovation

The building 6 renovation is the renovation of the main campus dining and cooking facilities. Work is being completed in six phases, keeping the facility occupied and functioning throughout construction. Work includes demolition of finishes, ceilings, equipment and MEP’s, and installation of all new systems. Work also includes tuckpointing the masonry veneer and replacing the entire roof systems.

Great Lakes Naval Station | Great Lakes, IL

Project Manager: Alan Sheehan
Great Lakes Naval Station

Design/Build of Building 80H, which is the Center for Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Diving (CEODD) for fitness and swim training/diving programs. Facility wide repairs include abatement of hazardous material, exterior repairs of damaged areas. The building's fire alarm system and electrical system will be replaced. The existing HVAC systems including the pool dehumidification system will be replaced. Gymnasium repairs include the repair and refinishing of walls, blinds, replacement of switches, removal of existing basketball hoops and associated equipment, renovation of gymnasium storage room, and renovation of gymnasium restroom. Pool area repairs include a dehumidification system throughout the pool and locker room areas. Additional pool area repairs include the removal and replacement of existing pool deck with rubberized flooring as well as removal and replacement of existing pool deck floor drains and remaining plumbing pipe work. The pool will be resurfaced while plumbing penetrations will be replaced. Pool area repairs also include replacing the suspended acoustical ceiling tile, light fixtures, and radiators. Pool area to be repainted, existing pool ladders and anchorage elements are to be replaced, and existing electrical receptacles are to be repaired.

James A. Lovell Federal Healthcare Center | North Chicago, Illinois

Project Manager: Chris Wales
Forth Sheridan ARC

This project entails a complete overhaul of the existing kitchen, dining room, food storage areas, and facility management offices. Work includes abatement, demolition, new interior finishes including architectural woodwork with 3Form acrylic panels and structural glazed block walls, new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and all new kitchen service equipment. Along with the interior renovation work, the building exterior will receive a complete restoration including tuck pointing, new windows, and wood restoration. Work will be completed in six phases in order to keep the building occupied and functional during construction.

Fermilab CUB Tank Replacement | Batavia, IL

Project Manager: Kevin McDonough
Fermilab CUB Tank Replacement

This project consists of the installation of a new 5,000-gallon stainless steel tank for low conductivity water along with new pumps and controls system. The new tank was transported to the facility in three pieces and welded together in the field due to the limited height restrictions in the building. Once the installation of the new tank is complete the existing 3,000-gallon tank will be taken out of service and removed.

OEMC 2013 JOC- North and South of Madison Street | Chicago, IL

Project Manager: Kevin McDonough

This Contract is primarily to be used for the Office of Emergency Management of Communication’s work North and South of Madison Street for the repair of underground cable breaks, trenching installation of underground conduits, pulling fiber optic (i.e., fiber splicing), camera installation / repair, installing street light poles of various sizes, installing PVC, installing steel helix foundations, and directional boring for various size conduits.

Construct B405 MHRRTP | Tomah, WI

Project Manager: Chris Wales
Construct B405 MHRRTP

Building 405 at the Tomah VA facility is a 30,000 SF, three story building consisting of an architectural precast panels and hollowcore slabs. The awarded contract includes a complete buildout of the third floor patient rooms, as well as a partial buildout of the mechanical and electrical rooms on the first floor. Once completed, the building will connect to building 404 through a newly installed tramway.

James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility Buildings 131, 133 & 134. | Chicago, IL

Project Manager: Alan Sheehan
James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Facility Buildings 131, 133 & 134.

Upgrade of building perimeter security and Information Resource Management rooms (IRM), this requires extending the Lenel Security System to enable a "Lock-Down"of the subject buildings through the Lenel Access Control System, at multiple locations. The works include the conversion of the doors currently controlled by a standalone GE system in Building 133EF. Installation of electronic locks at noted IRM spaces to control access is also required. Additional electronic door lock features, control system expansion required wiring, programming, testing and upgrade of Lenel software and some door and door hardware replacement shall also be required.

Repair Stone Copings and Cornice Brick | Belleville, IL

Project Manager: Kevin McDonough
Repair Stone Copings and Cornice Brick

This project consists of masonry restoration to the Scott Club Building at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville IL. Project activities included the repair and replacement of coping stones and cornice brick as well as tuckpointing in order to prevent water infiltration into the building. After all masonry repair work is complete the entire building will be hydroblasted and a sealer applied.