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Pacific Construction Services, Inc.

Bid RoomPacific Construction Services, Inc. (PCS) is a Chicago-based firm specializing in General Contracting and Construction Management. Founded in 1993, PCS has grown from two guys working on a kitchen table into a full service construction company doing more than $30,000,000 in revenue annually. Our firm specializes in creative ways to solve problems and save clients money by getting involved in the design process early and guiding the A/E team.

Our staff is comprised of a wide range of talent and backgrounds including degreed construction managers, architects and engineers. We combine the strength of their knowledge to help solve each project’s unique and demanding set of challenges.

PCS is a diversified contractor that applies disciplined reporting, accounting and management processes to each project. We consider our greatest strength our commitment to provide our clients with real and accurate costs. We do not provide unattainable low costs just to get a job.